leading-edge data center operations


TechnologyAt DC Data Corporation, we understand the need to process and host your data in a guaranteed secure location. And in today’s complex, highly competitive environment, we also know how important it is for you to focus your attention and resources on your core competencies—not implementing and supporting every new server, data storage, network, or security technology.

We offer a secure, flexible and responsive way for you to effectively store your information. DC Data Corporation manages electronically stored information from our co-location data center, where data storage is ultra-secure. Through our co-location, we have immediate access to our servers, and our environment is designed to meet your needs – it is flexible and easily accommodates large volumes of data.

Secure Data Center

DatacenterDC Data Corporation’s data center is a highly secure, cost-effective environment; which ensures high availability to your information when you need it. We understand that when hosting a review, data needs to be available at all times, including after hours for those late-night reviewers and perhaps an offshore review team. In this dynamic world of litigation, your data storage and management needs are continually evolving. DC Data Corporation features innovative technologies—including leading-edge servers, storage, and networks—our data center offers exceptional scalability to meet your changing demands. And because we closely monitor these systems, we are here to ensure your information is operational and secure around the clock.

DC Data Corporation’s data center offers high-speed Internet and wide-area network connectivity, daily administration management services, managed storage, data backup and restoration, security management, power and cooling redundancy, and change control. We also integrate data protection and security, access control, and documentation, as well as validated system processes in our services.

DC Data Corporation implements high-quality hardware and software solutions in our data center. All of the hosting systems and network infrastructure are fully redundant and covered by the highest maintenance contracts. Our well-planned system capacity and availability can provide plenty of processing power to our clients.

Our technical infrastructure team has the ability to support SAS-70 Type II, Sarbanes-Oxley, SEC, GLB, JCAHO, HIPAA and FDA requirements. Delivering an unmatched data support foundation, our facility features:

100% availability
24×7×365 facilities staffed with trained data center personnel
Physical and logical monitoring
Biometric physical security
Fully redundant power sources
High-density server and storage environments
N+2 Internet connectivity
Secure, audit-able entry and exit tracking throughout the entire facility
A clean and safe location outside of major natural or man-made threat zones